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1. Pay (cash only) for Course Registration in any branch of the participating banks using your
Matric Number. (If you are a new student without Matric Number, visit your Study Center and
obtain your Matric Number or Clearance Code).

2. Obtain a teller specially designed for NOUN for the purpose of registration

3. Collect the Transaction Number equivalent of the amount paid.

4. Go to NOUN portal: http://www.noun.edu.ng

5. Click on ‘Start Registration’ link

6. On the Student Login page, click on ‘Sign Up Here’ to register as first time user.

7. On the sign up page, enter your Matric Number / Clearance code (for new student with no

                matric number yet), email, phone number, your username and password.

(Note: Email is important for you to receive notifications from the University)
Click on ‘Click here to Signup’ button.

8. This will sign you up and transfer you to student logon page.

9. On the login page, enter your Matric Number and Password and click on ‘Login’ button. This will

transfer you to Student Control Center if your Matric Number and Password are correct.

10. From the Student Control Center, move your mouse on Upload Passport. Browse to your passport location, select and click upload. (Passport should not be more than 150kb and only .gif, .png and .jpg  file formats are allowed)

11. After your passport upload is successful, click on 'Personal Data’ at the left side of the page. Copy of Student Data Page will appear with your preloaded surname, other names, sex and date of birth.

12. Edit your personal and contact information accordingly and click on ‘Update’ button to effect the changes.


To load fund to your e-wallet account, follow these steps:

1. Login to Student Control Center, click on ‘Load Fund (E-Wallet)’ link at the left side of the page.

2. At My-Ewallet Load Fund page, locate ‘Load cash to my E-wallet’ section, select bank where you
Made payment, enter the Transaction Number collected from the bank and the equivalent
amount paid.

3. Click on ‘Load Cash’ button.

4. This will:

  • Verify your transaction number and amount if valid.
  • Credit your E-wallet balance with the equivalent amount
  • Check if you have not paid the 2010/2011 Session Compulsory fees.

(Detail can be found at http://www.nou.edu.ng/noun/announcements/schedulepay.html )
- Remove ONCE the corresponding session compulsory fees amount from your e-wallet balance
and generate debit transaction history of the fees.

5. Click on ‘View E-Wallet Detail’ link to view your transactions history.


To add course to your course registration portfolio, follow these steps:

1. Login to Student Control Center, click on ‘Course Registration’ link at the left side of the page.
(Kindly note that this link is active for use after you have paid for 2010/2011 Session Compulsory    Fees via your e-wallet.)

2. Under Add Course Form, locate ‘Available Courses for Registration’ section and tick the courses
you wish to add.

3. Click on ‘Add Course’ button to verify if you have enough money in your wallet for the selected

4. Click on ‘Continue…’ button. This will transfer you to ‘Add Course Validation Page’.

5. On ‘Add Course Validation page’, verify courses selected for registration, total amount of course
materials and intending new e-wallet balance.

6. Click on ‘Register Courses’ button. This will register the courses and transfer you to ‘Add Course
– Form Successful’ Page.

7. Click on ‘Print Course Registration Slip’ link to print your updated course registration slip for
the session. This can also be printed by Clicking ‘Print Course Registration Slip’ link at the
‘Student Control Center’.

8. Take the printed copy of your Course Registration Slip to your Study Center.

If you have any other clarification, don’t hesitate to send mail to support@noun.edu.ng.

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All Rights Reserved ; Email: support@noun.edu.ng

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